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Hi, all salty dogs!


Nice to meet you! Let me introduce myself. My name is Igor Shkvorets.
I received my master’s degree in Oceanography in 1981 from the Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute (Ukraine). For 20 years I worked in the Marine Hydrophysical Institute of Academy of Science of Ukraine. I conducted the development of the standards and methods for the oceanographic measurements and took part in numerous oceanographic expeditions, providing on-ship samples salinity measurements (salinometry) and calibration of CTD-systems. In 1996 I completed the training courses in the laboratory measurement of salinity in OSIL in Petersfield, UK. In 2001 I moved to Canada and worked for 6 months for Guildline Ltd., providing manufacturing calibration of the Autosal and Portasal salinometers. Since 2002 I have been working for RBR Ltd. as an Oceanographer. My latest development is the Micro-Salinometer MS-310. I also work on the inductive conductivity cell development and conductivity calibration process improvement, seagoing trials and quality control of the oceanographic data, measured by RBR instruments. Also, I am an expert in the CTD measurements, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity and other physical-chemical parameters measurements. My interests are also in sailing, travel and photography.


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    • Nov 2013 R/V “Atlantic Explorer”, Atlantic Ocean, Sargasso Sea, BATS. My responsibilities: RBR instruments testing, APEX-RBR float deployment.
    • Jun 2013 R/V “Thomas G. Thompson”, Pacific Ocean, NEPTUNE Canada. My responsibilities: RBR instruments testing, salinity sampling, MS-315 salinometry.
    • Sept 2012 R/V “Francisco de Ulloa”, Gulf of California, U of Guadalajara Internal Waves Experiment. My responsibilities: RBR instruments testing, salinity sampling, Micro-salinometer MS-315 salinometry.
    • May 2009 CCGS “Hudson” Orphan Basin/Knoll Cruise (North Atlantic). My responsibilities: Salinity sampling, Micro-salinometer MS-310 salinometry, RBR CTDs testing.
    • Mar 2007 EAWAG-RBR Expedition on the Lake Baikal, RussiaParticipance in recovering and deployment of the mooring buoyes with RBR temperature loggers.
    • Aug-Oct 2006 R/V “Strait Signet” Manitoba Hydro Expedition on Hudson Bay, CanadaMy responsibilities: CTD-profiling, salinity, turbidity on-field QC, mooring buoyes deployment and recovering.
    • Aug-Sept 2005 HMRS “Discovery” Cruise 298 Cape Farewell – Eric Ridge. My responsibilities: Salinity sampling, Salinometry with Autosal 8400B, Seagoing testing of the Micro-salinometer MS-310
    • Nov 2004 SSV “Corwith Cramer” Gulf of MaineMy responsibilities: CTD-probe check, first at-sea Micro-Salinometer MS-310 testing.
    • Jan-May 1998 R/V” Ernst Krenkel” Cruise 61 – 2-nd Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition. My responsibilities: CTD-operating, Salinity sampling, Salinometry with salinometer SOKOL.
    • Jul-Aug 1992 R/V “Prof. Kolesnikov” –  COMSBACK-92 cruise. My responsibilities: CTD operating, Salinity sampling, Salinometry with salinometer SOKOL.
    • Sept 1991 R/V ‘Prof.Kolesnikov” – HYDROBLACK-91 cruise. My responsibilities: CTD operating, Salinity sampling, Salinometry with salinometry with salinometer GM-65.
    • Oct 1987-Feb 1988 R/V “Mikhail Lomonosov” 49 cruise in the Atlantic Ocean. My responsibilities: CTD operating and calibration, Salinity sampling, Salinometry with salinometer GM-65.
    • Feb-May 1986 R/V “Mikhail Lomonosov” 46 cruise in the Atlantic Ocean. My responsibilities: CTD operating and calibration, Salinity sampling, Salinometry with salinometer GM-65.
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