Salt Links

Here are web-sites of companies and institution which become my links to salinometry:

1. RBR Ltd. –  manufacturer of precision oceanographic instruments. My work place from 2003 till now. It is a great company! My deep thanks to former President of RBR Dr.Frank Johnson for inviting me and initiating development of the Micro-Salinometer.

2. Guildline Ltd. – manufacturer of the Autosal and Portasal salinometers. In 2002 I worked there and get a good experience in maintenance, calibration and operation of these salinometers. Thanks to all Guildline staff for training and helping me during my first working period in Canada.

3. Ocean Scientific International Ltd. (OSIL) – the only manufacturer of the IAPSO Standard Seawater and salinometry training courses provider. In 1996, I completed this courses, with my sincere thanks to Dr.Paul Ridout, who made it happened.

4. Marine Hydrophysical Institute National Academy of Science of Ukraine – leading institution in oceanographic measurements in the Soviet Union. Developer of the first prototype of the ratiometric salinometer SOKOL. I worked there in the Metrology department from 1983 to 2001 . Thanks to Dr. Pavel Kalashnikov and   Vladimir Zaburdaev for giving me a test of salt in the Oceanographic metrology.

And other interesting salinity sites:

5.  SPURS : Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean Regional Study

6. NASA Aquarius Mission

7. TEOS-10