The Return of the Salinometry

The Return of the Deep Sea Sounder
From “Scrap Book Hydrographic Inspector’s Office”, 1881. NOAA Photo Library

For the last 5 years I’ve been owning and editing the web-site, which  recently was  attacked by hackers.  It is happened time to time and I’ve recovered  easy, but not now. Unfortunately I haven’t restored my web-site yet, so, this blog is my media page for now.  No pasaran!

This blog about the laboratory measurements of salinity – the most interesting and fundamental physical property of the seawater. Despite of the great progress achieved for the last 50 years in the development of the in situ measuring salinity CTD-systems, laboratory salinometers are still in service by oceanographers. Nowadays these instruments play “first fiddle” in the oceanographic measurements, keeping duties in transferring standard of conductivity and controlling performance of the CTD-systems.

Practical salinity of samples become sophisticated deriving physical parameter, which provides the highest precision method in oceanography measurements.
I have been working for many years in the field of oceanography instrumentation and metrology and this is my experience I want to share.

Since the subject of salinometry is the seawater, I will dwell on such topics as the salinity and other physical parameters of the seawater, history of the measurement of salinity and common methods in the oceanographic practice. I hope that some notes and miscellaneous information about all aspects connected with seawater, salinity and salt will also be interesting.

So, let’s go and, as Oceanographers say: Just do salts!

Author: shkvorets